Trademark Licence Agreement

This model agreement covers the transfer of a trademark through a licence. The owner of one or more trademarks can thus grant another party the right, whether or not exclusive, to use his trademark(s) in a certain number of countries for a certain period of time.

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65,00 €

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    Article 1. Licence – Scope – Marketing 
    Article 2. Obligations of the Licensee 
    Article 3. Indemnification by the Licensee 
    Article 4. No Sale 
    Article 5. Duration 
    Article 6. Termination 
    Article 7. Quality Standards 
    Article 8. Royalties 
    Article 9. Payment 
    Article 10. Infringement of the Trademark 
    Article 11. Validity of the Trademark 
    Article 12. Inspection of Accounts 
    Article 13. Transfer and Assignment 
    Article 14. Sub-licences 
    Article 15. Hardship 
    Article 16. Relationship between the Parties 
    Article 17. Entire Agreement 
    Article 18. Amendments 
    Article 19. Severability 
    Article 20. No Implied Waiver 
    Article 21. Notices 
    Article 22. Costs 
    Article 23. Copies 
    Article 24. Governing law and Jurisdiction