Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ordering process work? 

When you order a product, we will provide you with an access key (non-expiring hyperlink) within a few hours, as well as your invoice. We do not physically ship any products. 

Are you selling renewable subscriptions?   

No. If you purchase a contract, you get a hyperlink that provides you with lifetime access to that contract. In other words, you pay the purchase price only once. 

Do I also get a copy of the physical book upon ordering? 

No. Physical books should be ordered through legal publisher Intersentia.

Can I try the software first?   

A demo-version of a Share Purchase Agreement is available through this link

Are there any usage limitations?  

The usage is similar to the usage of a paper book within your office: a single copy can be used by a single person at a given moment. Similar to how a physical book can be given to a colleague, we allow non-simultaneous access by different persons within the same geographic office.  

 Each person can configure and download as many contracts as he/she wants from the contract model purchased. Similarly, you can browse, search and insert clauses as much as you want.  

 We do monitor against simultaneous usage and usage across office: we do not allow multiple persons to simultaneously generate contracts / use clauses, and we do not allow usage across different offices.  

What is the difference between the clause library and the contracts?  

The clause library consists of the individual clauses that are used within the contracts. Through the ClauseBuddy software you can easily search for clauses and insert them into your own contracts.  

Do I need any special software?  


  • If you purchase a contract, you get a hyperlink that provides access to the powerful ClauseBase platform. You can then configure your contract and download an MS Word (.DOCX) or PDF-file. As you will notice when trying the demo, this configuration goes significantly beyond merely filling in some placeholders with administrative data!

  • If you purchase the clause library, you get an access code for ClauseBuddy , an easy-to-use plugin for Microsoft Word that allows you to quickly search, configure and insert clauses into your own contracts. You can also use ClauseBuddy outside Microsoft Word, through a web browser.  

The license cost of ClauseBase and ClauseBuddy for such use is included in the price you paid.  

Note: if you have a full license on ClauseBase or ClauseBuddy (to be separately purchased), you can also request a copy of the technical files, so as to change any aspect of the structure (questions, content, legal logic) of the questionnaires and clause library, in any way you see fit. 


Which web browser do I need?   

Basically any web browser younger than 5 years will work: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Vivaldi, Safari, Brave, and so on. (If you want, you can even create contracts and browse through clauses from your smartphone!)