Settlement Agreement

This model summarises all common elements to every type of Settlement Agreements. In the event litigation before a Belgian court or arbitration panel is pending it is advisable that parties submit a brief requesting the court or arbitrators to take formal note of the fact that the Parties are discontinuing pending proceedings.

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    Article 1. Object of this Agreement 
    Article 2. Terms of Settlement 
    Article 3. Difference of Facts 
    Article 4. Representation by the Parties 
    Article 5. No Admission of Liability 
    Article 6. Waiver of Right of Action 
    Article 7. Effect of this Agreement 
    Article 8. Interpretation 
    Article 9. Confidentiality 
    Article 10. Reimbursement of Costs 
    Article 11. Governing law and Jurisdiction 
    Article 12. Effective date of this Agreement