Share Purchase Agreement

The purchase of a business which is carried out by a legal entity can be done through the purchase of shares in the legal entity or entities carrying on the business (share deal). It can also be done by the purchase from the target company of the assets (and liabilities) related to the business the purchaser wants to acquire (asset deal).

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    Article 1. Definitions 
    Article 2. Interpretation 
    Article 3. Purchase and Sale of Shares 
    Article 4. Purchase Price and Payment 
    Article 5. Pre-Closing Covenants of the Sellers 
    Article 6. Conditions Precedent to Closing 
    Article 7. Closing 
    Article 8. Representation and Warranties of Sellers 
    Article 9. Representations and Warranties of Purchaser 
    Article 10. Indemnification by the Sellers 
    Article 11. Indemnification by the Purchaser 
    Article 12. Claim 
    Article 13. Covenants of the Parties extending after the Closing Date 
    Article 14. Termination 
    Article 15. Non Assignment 
    Article 16. Notices 
    Article 17. Costs 
    Article 18. Entire Agreement 
    Article 19. No Implied Waiver 
    Article 20. Interests 
    Article 21. Severability 
    Article 22. Governing law 
    Article 23. Arbitration 
    Article 24. Special Power Of Attorney 


    Article 1. Corporate Authority 
    Article 2. Shares 
    Article 3. Group Structure 
    Article 4. Corporate Documents 
    Article 5. Financial Statements 
    Article 6. Guarantees 
    Article 7. Real Property 
    Article 8. Assets 
    Article 9. Intellectual Property 
    Article 10. Contracts 
    Article 11. Licences and The Consents 
    Article 12. Employees and The Employee Benefits 
    Article 13. Compliance with laws 
    Article 14. Litigation 
    Article 15. Insurance 
    Article 16. Taxes