Purchase Agreement


This model agreement is a standard, non-exclusive purchase agreement for successive purchases. It can be used for various goods, but not for the purchase of services. It is written from the viewpoint of the purchaser.

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105,00 €

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    Article 1. General 
    Article 2. Products 
    Article 3. Purchase orders 
    Article 4. Quality of the Products 
    Article 5. Price 
    Article 6. Invoices 
    Article 7. Delivery 
    Article 8. Transfer of Title and Risk of Loss 
    Article 9. Acceptance of the Products 
    Article 10. Payment 
    Article 11. Packaging 
    Article 12. Warranty for deffects 
    Article 13. Product Liability 
    Article 14. Duration 
    Article 15. Termination 
    Article 16. Cooperation in the Implementation of this Agreement 
    Article 17. Force majeure 
    Article 18. Relationship between the Parties 
    Article 19. Entire Agreement 
    Article 20. Amendments 
    Article 21. Severability 
    Article 22. No Implied Waiver 
    Article 23. Notices 
    Article 24. Copies 
    Article 25. Costs 
    Article 26. Governing law and Jurisdiction