Lease Agreement

This Agreement constitutes a standard agreement, drafted in general terms, for the lease of properties that are considered immovable as opposed to movable assets that is not subject to specific regulated legislation (such as on residential leases, retail leases or farm leases.

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    Article 1. Scope of this Agreement 
    Article 2. Property 
    Article 3. Purpose and use of the Property 
    Article 4. Repairs, Maintenance and Transformations 
    Article 5. Rent 
    Article 6. Taxes and Charges 
    Article 7. Rental Guarantee 
    Article 8. Insurance 
    Article 9. Force Majeure 
    Article 10. Hardship 
    Article 11. Hardship 
    Article 12. Duration and termination 
    Article 13. Consequences of Termination 
    Article 14. Assignment, underletting and sharing 
    Article 15. Registration 
    Article 16. Notices 
    Article 17. Entire Agreement 
    Article 18. Amendments 
    Article 19. Non-Waiver 
    Article 20. Severability 
    Article 21. Interpretation 
    Article 22. Governing Law 
    Article 23. Dispute Resolution