Joint Venture Agreement

This model agreement is for the formation of a joint venture with distinct legal personality in the form of a limited company whereby one partner has a majority shareholding of 51%.

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80,00 €

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    Article 1. Organization of the joint venture company 
    Article 2. Contribution to the Joint Venture 
    Article 3. Financial Matters 
    Article 4. Governance of JVC 
    Article 5. General Meeting of Shareholders 
    Article 6. Transfer restrictions 
    Article 7. Ancillary Agreements 
    Article 8. Expenses 
    Article 9. Dissolution and Buy Out Rights 
    Article 10. Entire Agreement 
    Article 11. Amendments 
    Article 12. Severability 
    Article 13. Force Majeure 
    Article 14. No Implied Waiver 
    Article 15. Notices 
    Article 16. Interpretation 
    Article 17. Costs 
    Article 18. Governing law 
    Article 19. Dispute Resolution