Full Package


The Full Packages includes all 30 interactive model contracts and the complete library of clauses used in the contracts. The Clause Library is available in ClauseBuddy (MS Word Plugin).

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    30 interactive models 

    1. Asset Purchase Agreement
    2. Assignment of Receivables 
    3. Bailment Agreement
    4. Commercial Agency Agreement  
    5. Commissionaire Agreement
    6. Confidentiality Agreement (Mutual)
    7. Consignment Agreement
    8. Contract Manufacturing Agreement  
    9. Current Account Agreement  
    10. Distribution Agreement  
    11. Escrow Agreement  
    12. Franchise Agreement  
    13. Guarantee Agreement  
    14. Joint Venture Agreement
    15. Lease Agreement

    16. Letter of Comfort  
    17. Letter of Intent
    18. Loan Agreement 
    19. Non-Disclosure Agreement (One-directional)
    20. Outsourcing Agreement 
    21. Power of Attorney
    22. Purchase Agreement
    23. Road Transport and Delivery Services Agreement
    24. Services Agreement
    25. Settlement Agreement  
    26. Share Purchase Agreement 
    27. Shareholders’ Agreement
    28. Technology Licence Agreement
    29. Toll Manufacturing Agreement  
    30. Trademark Licence Agreement 


    Clause Library 

    The Clause Library contains a structured collection of all clauses used in the 30 model contracts. The clauses are ordered by contract type and subject matter. 

    MS Word Plugin 

    ClauseBuddy is a MS Word Plugin that makes it easy to find the right clause for the right clause. Insert a clause from the library to any document with one click of a button.