Franchise Agreement

A franchise agreement is an agreement under which a franchisee has the right (and the obligation) to use, against a remuneration, the commercial concept of the franchisor (including the franchisor’s know-how, signs, tradenames, ...) for the sale of products or services.

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    Article 1. Scope of this Agreement 
    Article 2. Store 
    Article 3. Commercial Concept 
    Article 4. Purchase of the Products 
    Article 5. Promotion and sale of the Products 
    Article 6. Consideration 
    Article 7. Information and representations 
    Article 8. Non-compete obligation 
    Article 9. Non-solicitation obligation 
    Article 10. Intellectual Property Rights 
    Article 11. Confidentiality 
    Article 12. Compliance with anti-bribery laws 
    Article 13. Force Majeure 
    Article 14. Hardship 
    Article 15. Liability and remedies 
    Article 16. Assignment 
    Article 17. Change of Control 
    Article 18. Intuitu personae 
    Article 19. Duration and Termination 
    Article 20. Consequences of Termination 
    Article 21. Pre-emptive Right of the Franchisor on the Business 
    Article 22. Notices 
    Article 23. Entire Agreement 
    Article 24. Amendments 
    Article 25. Non-Waiver 
    Article 26. Severability 
    Article 27. Interpretation 
    Article 28. Governing Law 
    Article 29. Dispute Resolution 

    Article 1. Important contractual provisions, to the extent that they are included in the franchise Agreement 
    Article 2. Data for the correct evaluation of the franchise Agreement