Escrow Agreement

In the model, a bank acts as escrow agent, and the escrow account is in the name of both the depositor and the escrow beneficiary. Alternatively, the parties may appoint a third party as escrow agent and provide for the opening of a bank account in the name of the escrow agent.

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    Article 1. Escrow Account 
    Article 2. Interest 
    Article 3. Obligations of the Escrow Agent 
    Article 4. Payment of the Escrow Amount 
    Article 5. Release of the Escrow Account 
    Article 6. Remuneration 
    Article 7. Entire Agreement 
    Article 8. Amendments 
    Article 9. Non-assignment 
    Article 10. Severability 
    Article 11. Force Majeure 
    Article 12. No Implied Waiver 
    Article 13. Notices 
    Article 14. Costs 
    Article 15. Interpretation 
    Article 16. Copies 
    Article 17. Governing law 
    Article 18. Dispute Resolution