Confidentiality Agreement

The model is drafted under the assumption that the flow of information is bi-directional. In case of a unilateral information flow, we refer to the model of a Non-Disclosure Agreement

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    Article 1. Definitions 
    Article 2. Object of this Agreement 
    Article 3. Obligations of the Parties 
    Article 4. Permitted disclosure 
    Article 5. No representation or Warranty 
    Article 6. No other relationship 
    Article 7. Return of Confidential Information 
    Article 8. Remedies 
    Article 9. Duration and termination 
    Article 10. Entire Agreement 
    Article 11. Amendments 
    Article 12. Severability 
    Article 13. No Implied Waiver 
    Article 14. Notices 
    Article 15. Copies 
    Article 16. Interpretation 
    Article 17. Governing law 
    Article 18. Dispute Resolution