Bailment Agreement

This model agreement covers the situation where a company, having already agreed a contract manufacturing agreement further agrees to grant gratuitously to the contractor as bailee, the use of certain goods, specifically needed for that assembly and manufacture.

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    Article 1. Object of this Agreement 
    Article 2. Delivery and Use 
    Article 3. Maintenance and Storage 
    Article 4. Risk of Loss 
    Article 5. Insurance 
    Article 6. Return of the Machinery 
    Article 7. Liability of the Bailee 
    Article 8. obligations of the Bailee 
    Article 9. Expenses 
    Article 10. Duration and termination 
    Article 11. Relationship between the Parties 
    Article 12. Entire Agreement 
    Article 13. Amendments 
    Article 14. Severability 
    Article 15. No Implied Waiver 
    Article 16. Notices 
    Article 17. Costs 
    Article 18. Copies 
    Article 19. Governing law and Jurisdiction